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How Much Physical Activity Should I get in a Day?
The new Canadian physical activity guidelines provide recommendations for aerobic physical activity, strength training, and light activity.

It is recommended adults aged 18 to 64 accumulate at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity per week. This physical activity can be in bouts of as little as 10-minutes and should be at a moderate to vigorous intensity.

Moderate Intensity activities cause you to sweat a little and breathe harder.

Vigorous Intensity activities cause you to sweat and be out of breath.

Exercise versus Physical Activity

If you are looking to increase your amount of daily movement, a good start is to understand the difference between exercise and physical activity. 

Physical Activity includes any movement that is carried out by the muscles (e.g., going for a walk, stretching your body).

Exercise is planned, structured, repetitive and intentional movement. It is typically intended to improve or maintain physical fitness (e.g., doing a cardio workout).

Focusing on increasing your daily exercise and/or physical activity are both great strategies to increase your daily movement. It’s about finding the activities you  enjoy & doing them often.

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The Exercise Series: Get Fit From Home

Below are a series of 10-minute workouts and stretches you can do to incorporate more aerobic physical activity, strength training and light activity throughout the week. 
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Fit From Home Guide 10 minute full body strength workout
Full Body Strength Workout
Fit From Home Guide Desk Stretches at Home
At Home Desk Stretches
Fit From Home Guide Full body cardio 10 minute workout
Full Body Cardio Workout
Fit From Home Guide Arm and Wrist Stretches Computer
Arm & Wrist Stretches
Fit From Home Guide HIIT Full Body Workout 10 minute
Full Body HIIT Workout

Other Ways to Move:

  • Go for a walk/bike ride
  • Try a virtual dance class
  • Garden, rake leaves or shovel snow

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